There are a lot of people who need mental health care but cannot afford it. The government should put out new ways to provide mental health care to Asian people who are affected by coronavirus-related attacks and issues. It will not be easy to do this right away and we would need to come up with how we can financially achieve this goal. The government needs to look into providing free mental health services that get supported by taxpayers. The earlier we get help for those who are affected, the better. 

There is no need for people to be stuck with insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety and much more. If people do not think that the taxpayer option is a good idea, the government could work together with Asian American non-profit organizations to help raise money and awareness towards the importance of mental health services for Asians. Asian American organizations are already doing a lot of what they can to help but they can only help to a certain extent. It will be hard for them to try and help Asians and their mental health by themselves so assistance from official resources is very much appreciated. This might be a great way to go about this since Asian American organizations are very passionate for their community and what they stand for, so they would help out a lot with raising money and bringing awareness for mental health services towards Asian people. With Asian American organizations and the government teaming together, they could work wonders on improving the mental health of Asian communities during COVID-19 and hopefully in general overall for the future. With this plan, we can help prevent a further increase in depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Mental health is a serious problem and should not be pushed aside and ignored like this.

We need to let the Asian community know that the government cares about them. Even though there are fewer reports of Asian Americans having mental health problems than whites do, Asian Americans are three times less likely to try to find the mental help that they need compared to other Americans (Gu, 2020). A reasoning behind this is most likely because Asian Americans feel like they do not have any public officials care about what they are going through, especially now with all of the hate-crime and aggressive spike of discrimination, racism and bigotry. The importance of mental health for Asian people that is happening at the moment cannot be stressed enough. It is so crazy how this is actually being looked over and we must do something about it to fix this big problem. We must stick up for each other and even if you are not Asian, it would be nice to have you stick up for us too.

We have to let people know that they can reach out if they need help and that they shouldn’t feel the need to keep it to themselves. Racism is an issue that we all need to think about.


Gu, Y. (2020, June 12). Experts stress mental health care for Asian Americans amid coronavirus. Retrieved October 20, 2020, from

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