Asylum: What are our Options?

Written by: Emily Portalatin Munoz

When it comes to the many faults of our system in regards to the grand scheme of immigration as related to asylum what polices can be enacted to solve these problems. 

Asylum is a complex issue that deals with the lives of people in their most dire time of need. There are people who are so desperate they risk their lives trying to reach the border to America. There are those who try and go through the months of paperwork beforehand. But at the end of they day what are our policy makers doing about this problem. What are some examples of legislation put out tp try and help improve the situation that is happening at our borders. In this post we will discuss the different options we have that can be put in practice via policymaking. 

Option One- Refugee Protection Act of 2019

This legislation is a great example of adding protections to people seeking the safety of asylum. This bill can be read in full on the or linked here. This bill is a comprehensive bill aimed at adding protection not only for asylee’s but for any immigrant crossing the border. This bill is in its early stages and has only been introduced to the subcommittee on immigration and citizenship. This bill would keep families together, provide more transparency in immigration decisions etc. If you want to rad a short comprehensive list on this legislation please read my Five Facts About the Refugee Protection Act of 2019

Option Two- Secure and Protect Act of 2019

This legislation is taking a different epoch to the immigration system. Sponsored by republican senator Lindsey Graham this bill’s goal is to strengthen border security. He states that “Word is out on the streets in Central America that if you bring a child with you – regardless of whether or not it is actually your child – America’s laws can be manipulated to allow you to stay in the United States.” According to this bill would would have asylum applications processed in refugee processing centers. These processing centers would not be located in the united states but instead in the northern triangle and Mexico. This legislation would also keep families together for 100 days instead of the twenty now and introduce 500 more immigration judges to reduce backlog of cases. This legislation is aimed more for the securitization of the border. Lastly, the senator says this in regard to the bill “ It should go without saying but travel from Central America to the United States is a dangerous and treacherous journey, particularly for children…This legislation will help protect children by ensuring asylum claims are filed from their home area, not after a thousand mile journey.”

Though the options for the democrats and republicans differ on what we should do at the border, they both recognize that the process in which we are going about now is long due for repair. They propose different bills on the issues they see with the system and we will not know the definite answer until more research is done.

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