The idea of government officials giving resources such as mental health care for those affected by racist acts advocated towards coronavirus is a great idea. Those who are affected by these spiteful hate crimes go through so much trauma and anxiety; often leading to PTSD and depression.  There should be easy access to more culturally adaptive mental health resources. There is an alarming shortage of Asian American mental health professionals. It is very important to acknowledge somebody’s cultural experience when making a clinical product. A lot of Asian Americans already face numerous mental health problems and racism connected to coronavirus will just make everything worse. Our president calling coronavirus a “Chinese virus” also plays part in Asian Americans fear towards discrimination and overall make them even more scared (Ao, 2020). Chinese Americans and Asian Americas in general have been even more worried about their safety when going out into the public with the possibility of being physically or verbally assaulted. They should not be worried about if they will get punched in the face or not if they want to go outside. This is affecting their everyday life and mental health greatly. Stress from fear of racism can impact the immune system very negatively. The anticipation of racism and harassment might cause inability to fight off sickness, physical aches and pains, headaches and much more. Asians are on edge right now dealing with a lot of stress and it is so important to offer resources to help them and make them feel like they are important.

In March, federal law enforcements started to warn people about the racism and hate crimes happening to Asian Americans and how it will continue to increase as COVID-19 stays (Ao, 2020). We do not want people to feel alone during this scary, hateful time. We should encourage people to seek help and speak out if somebody is being racist or rude to you, and feel safe while doing so. It is really sad to see that a good chunk of hate crimes do not get reported. Think of all of those people who were affected and are keeping quiet because they are terrified and don’t know what to do or who to go to. 

There is an engaging Facebook group called the Subtle Asian Mental Health that  has over 37,400 members to help raise mental health awareness and promote mental health care in the Asian community (Jain, 2020). Asian-Americans started to become more and more active and there is an increase of members since the coronavirus outbreak occurred. This is really important because it shows that many Asians are looking for ways to cope with their mental health during this pandemic and all of the racism and backlash that their community has received. The government should work towards providing possibly a culturally adaptive online health resource since most things are not in person right now. In person resources work as well but online mental health resources for Asians would most likely be more accessible at the moment.  It will definitely help improve mental health for minorities.


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