There was a study led by Angela Gover, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Colorado. It stated that coronavirus has brought not only the deadly virus, but a large recurrence of hate crimes towards Asian-Americans. By looking at the historical context, the authors of this study broke down two data sets of racially targeted hate crimes towards Asian in the years between 2003–2018. This information originated before the pandemic, and found that they come to these suspiciously skeptical end results.The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report announced that disdain violent against Asian Americans dropped by 30.8%  from 2003–2007 and from 2014–2018. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey states that it had only lowered by just about 7% (Medical News Today).

Researchers believe that this inconsistency is because most of these occurrences are not getting reported. They think that 47.6%, less than half, of these hate-crime victims of the casualties of racisms and xenophobia actually end up reporting it to the police. (Medical News Today). Gover states in the search, “As of July 1, the Stop AAPI Hate self-reporting tool had recorded over 800 discrimination and harassment incidents against Asian Americans in California in the span of three months, including 81 assaults and 64 potential civil rights violations.” Considering the effect of underreporting, these numbers probably speak to simply a little part of the real number of occurrences. Many victims of these hate crimes go through psychological trauma and it may usually be depression, PTSD, and debilitating anxiety.

The study likewise notes plentiful online proof of a flood in hostility to Asian people and if you look anything up online about hate crimes towards Asians, you can find these occurrences in detail. The authors of this study also acknowledge that social media is a huge reason why most of these hate crimes and racism again Asian Americans are being publicized and shared. Without social media, it is most likely that not a lot of people would be made aware of the terrible racism and brutality happening to Asian people since this virus started. (Medical News Today). With the 2020 statistics from Asian hate crimes collected and put together by 2021, there will be more of a better understanding of COVID-19 based anti-Asian crimes. Coronavirus is a public health crisis, it has nothing to do with anybody’s race. This virus can affect any human of any race, not just Asian people.


Medical News Today (n.d.). COVID-19 and the surge in anti-Asian hate crimes. Retrieved October 20, 2020, from

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