How to Pass Legislation to Help Asylees

Written by: Emily Portalatin Munoz

In order for a bill on capitol hill to turn into law it must go through a rather rigorous process. But this process must be fulfilled in order for any improvements made in order for asylum seekers to have an easier process though the system with new protection put in place. 

The bill in question that would directly help many asylum seekers that come to the United States is the Refuge Protection Act of 2019. There are multiple things that need to happen in order for a bill of this standing to get passed in a republican majority. This bill is seen as a very controversial one by the republican side. The general view of republicans on immigration was not to fix am immigration system but instead securitize the border. The republican view is focus on crime crossing the border more then to make the system easier on those seeking asylum. An example of a republican can be explored in my Asylum: what are our options? Post this legislation is called the Secure and Protect Act of 2019. So lets take that legislation for example and see what is proposes. In this legislation they propose asylum center in the northern triangle and Mexico as well as adding more judges tp the immigration sector. Some differing points are making it so unaccompanied minors can be sent back to their country and still separating families but instead of 20 days it will be 100 days. This leaves us the question where are we willing to compromise and how do we get the votes?

I propose we add a amendment that adds the 500 judges from the republican bill as well as setting us asylum centers as a supplementary instead of those centers handling all asylum duties. This would help getting moderate votes this would allow the bill to get pas as the majority in the senate is only the majority by five seats. Adding these amendments would also some cooperation across the aisle. This would be huge as it is melding two immigration bills one form each side of the party to better the chances of it passing. It can show that even under the trump administration there can still be bipartisan cooperation. 

The bill is still in its first stages it was introduced to the subcommittee on immigration and citizenship. If the committee passes it to the house the house of representatives will vote on it. Because the house is majority controlled by the democrats i se little resistance for it to be able to pass and be moved to the senate to be voted on. For it to be passed by the senate we would need to make the appropriate changes to cooperate with the republican as stated above.

With this plan in action we have a real shot to pass this bill and make it law. This would not only make people seeing asylum in the United sates have an easier time but it would finally make much needed changes to a system that really needs it. 

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