The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus made a letter encouraging public authorities to help stop the spread of misinformation about the coronavirus that can increase violence and anxiety amongst the pandemic. Public authorities can likewise uphold crafted by nongovernmental associations by considering individuals who commit these hate crimes responsible for their actions. They should get accurate information to the public during times like this, as anxiety is running high. They are just looking for someone to blame and since everything was new and scary, they wanted to blame the Asian people. Policies that help support small businesses and workers that are vulnerable through this pandemic should be created.

Congress had passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which found a way to make testing for COVID-19 accessible at no expense for individuals who have insurance and to have employers give paid sick leave to their workers. With this new law in place, health care providers could be excluded from giving paid sick leave to their workers  The Families First Coronavirus Response Act additionally expanded government financing for Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Information shows that this assistance is not arriving to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are low income and need help. It is so important to help support small businesses that are severely suffering during this time. Around 2,000,000 small businesses are owned by Asian Americans. Support Asian groups financially and socially.

Asian Americans were 17.9% of New York City’s population that live below the federal poverty level in 2014. Asian American associations got just 1.5 percent of all of the money from New York City’s Department of Social Services (Kwon, 2020). With all of this, public authorities ought to organize and create effort to Asian Americans seniors who have high poverty rates, are more likely to have language barriers while trying to get social services and are at higher danger of becoming sick from coronavirus.

An excellent idea is to give official resources to individuals that have experienced acts of discrimination or hate crimes. Asian American associations started an online reporting center (Kwon, 2020). This online reporting center lets individuals report the details and where they experienced racism/hate crime. This really helped others know more about hate crimes that are happening around them and their area. It is important to acknowledge what is going on around us. With racism and violence continue to increase during the pandemic, public authorities need to help Asian Americans by giving resources such as mental health care to those who have experienced the discrimination Asian Americans are encountering extra difficulties during this time of stress and anxiety for everyone. To go up against the hostility towards Asians now, policymakers and public authorities can give out accurate information about the virus and enact policies to help those who are suffering during this time.


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Kwon, D. (2020, April 09). Confronting Racism and Supporting Asian American Communities in the Wake of COVID-19. Retrieved October 20, 2020, from

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