Policy History of Sanctuary Cities

The first policy we will summarize is the policy on sanctuary cities coming from the Trump Administration. Trump has been an avid critic of sanctuary cities. In Joseph Tanfani’s article, posted in the Los Angeles Times, Trump’s policy towards sanctuary cities is described as a “crackdown.” To summarize the policy, local and state jurisdictions will have to meet three conditions to meet the President’s policy quotas: First, allowing Department of Homeland Security agent’s access to undocumented immigrants in local and state jails. Second, give a 48- hour notice when undocumented person is about to be released. Third, complying with a law that prohibits jurisdictions from “stopping the exchange of information about an individual’s immigration status (Tanfani, 2017).” The policy also lays out a plan in coordinance with executive order 13768 to defund jurisdictions that do not comply with the policy.

            The second policy we will summarize is Seattle’s sanctuary policy, which emerged in the 1980s. These policies were originally implemented to provide protective ordinances for undocumented immigrants from Central America, but expanded to protect those from federal scrutiny after 9/11. “The ordinance allowed police to inquire into someone’s immigration status only if they reasonably suspected that person had been previously deported from the United States and had subsequently committed a U.S. criminal felony (Oskoii et. Al, 2018). The city worked against federal prosecutors who wanted to persecute and detain undocumented immigrants in fear that they might be connected to 9/11. As described by Oskoii, Seattle affirmed their commitment to diversity and immigrants through this policy (Oskoii et. Al, 2018).


Oskooii, K., Dreier, S., & Collingwood, L. (2018). Partisan Attitudes toward Sanctuary Cities: The Asymmetrical Effects of Political Knowledge. Politics & Policy (Statesboro, Ga.)46(6), 951–984. https://doi.org/10.1111/polp.12278

Joseph Tanfani. (2017, July 25). Trump administration toughens policy toward “sanctuary” cities, but the move affects only some funds. Los Angeles Times (Online).

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