Who are the people that come to the United States for Asylum?

Written By: Emily Portalatin Munoz

Lets take a look into who the people are that come to seek help. What are there reasons? And why come to the United States?

It is no secret that the people that rick their  and families lives to get to the US/Mexico border are in desperate need of asylum. Each have there own unique and individual case of why they need to be in the united states to lets start by looking at figure one and see from which country do most asylum seekers come from. 

According to the U.S. department of state the county with the most arrivals through the years 2000 to 2017 were from Burma. they report around 170,000 refugees. (note these are arrivals and not necessarily approved for a path of citizenship) The second most amount would be from Iraq probably because if the Iraq war that stated in 2001 and lasted a lot longer then expected. Iraq was a warzone which displaced many people leavening them with no where to go. And lastly the third most is a combination of all other countries that are not listed. While this isn’t really helpful it is interesting that a combination of literally all other countries was not more then Iraq or Burma.

In this next figure we see the different demographics of what the asylum seekers looked like from 2015 to 2017. Starting with age we can clearly see that the majority of asylees are under the 17 and no other age demographic compares to those numbers. Secondly, we see sex and across the board has gotten more even through these three years with the largest sex disparity being in 2015 with males accounting for three-thousand more then females. Lastly, Marital status. Being that the majority of the asylees that arrive are minors it would make sense that 60% of them are single and unwed. But surpassingly 33% of asylees are married which leaves the majority of anyone about the age of 18.

Total Asylum Grants by Country of nationality, Fiscal Year 2018

Lets look at a more current year. Above we have asylum seekers by country of the year 2018. This chart is picturing the people that arrive but instead those that got granted asylum. The majority came from a combination of all other countries this includes the Palestine Territory and countries with less then 10 individuals that were granted asylum. but in second please we have China and Venezuela.

Individuals Granted Asylum Affirmatively or Defensively: Fiscal Years 1990 to 2018

Lastly we have a graph depictive which method asylum seeker were granted. We directly compare the Affirmative and defensive routs. For more information about the differences between seeking asylum affirmatively or defensively please read my post The Process of Seeking Asylum in the United States. As you can see on the graph the majorly of asylum seekers are granted asylum through the affirmative course of action with the slight exception of the year 2006 and 2007 where the defensive course of action briefly surpasses affirmative action.

Now that we understand who is arriving on our boarder comparably to who is being granted asylum we can then see for ourselves how important this issue is. people for every sector around the world has sought out asylum in the United states. With this knowledge we must now ask ourselves what we can do to better help those in there most dire time of need.

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