Final Reflection Post

Throughout this course, I have learned a lot academically, but also, I have learned a lot that has helped me, and will continue to help me, grow as an individual. We worked the entire semester on educating ourselves on important issues, educating ourselves and each other on how to make a change, and working through debates and issues in a respectful, professional way. For me personally, taking on sexual assault as the topic I would be researching and writing about over the course of a few months, was important to me. From what I had already known, this is a serious matter that needs to be worked on in many ways, including the policies surrounding it. It was really eye-opening to broaden my knowledge on the matter and left me feeling even more passionate about the issue. I also found myself being really inspired by my fellow classmates, especially during their presentations, as each of them came forward with this information on important issues regarding topics from health care, to immigration, to environmental, to foreign policies – along with my own focus group, social justice policies. Sitting there listening to a bunch of young adults educate one another, after going in-depth to educate themselves, is what is shaping our future. Exercising the activism that was instilled in us through this class and using it to fight for changes within public policy, and for those who can not speak up, is how we start to make positive changes towards a better world for all. 

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