Final Reflection

This was definitely among my favorite classes I have ever taken. I found the conversations and lectures insightful, engaging, and well-moderated. I also learned a lot (I suppose that is important in a class), not just about my own research topic, but about the topics of my classmates. This class forced me to think critically and differently about a wide variety of important issues, that is something that does not happen in most of my classes and I’m grateful for it. 

At the end of the day, the issues we discussed in this class, from immigration to climate change, are public issues in the United States. We have the privilege of getting a say in our policy in this country and that was clearly demonstrated in this class. All these issues, along with the rhetoric of the activists behind them, come together to form our public discourse and are the cornerstone of many of the political debates in this country. This class provided an opportunity to actually identify and propose solutions, rather than just scream at the people who disagree with us. The issues in this class are political, but they do not have to be partisan. All these issues matter, and not one any more than the others. They are important in some way and effect our society in some way. While I certainly do not agree with everything that was said this semester, or every solution that was proposed, I do want to talk about them. I want to understand where the opposition is coming from, so I can articulate where I am coming from. This class and blog opened a forum for civil discourse, so even if none of the proposed policies from this class are ever enacted, this class and blog were a force for good in that regard. 

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