Citizen Activism & Covid-19: White Paper

By: Andrew Koh            The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be the most significant and universally destructive dilemma the world has faced in the early 21st century. Affecting all aspects of American life like politics, societal behaviors, education, economy, public policy, etc., the multidimensional challenges faced with this pandemic have been debilitating to our current understandingContinue reading “Citizen Activism & Covid-19: White Paper”

Covid-19: Federal Mask Mandate Policy Brief

By: Andrew Koh              The Covid-19 pandemic has been a relentless and catastrophic assault to domestic and global healthcare. Its stranglehold on all aspects of American life, freedoms, politics, education, societal behaviors, economy, and public policy has been debilitating as the pandemic has affected the lives of millions across the country and the world.            Continue reading “Covid-19: Federal Mask Mandate Policy Brief”

The Importance of Face Masks: Fact Sheet

By: Andrew Koh Wearing protective face masks have been shown to reduce the amount of respiratory droplets in the air that could spread Covid-19 According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine (2020), “respiratory aerosols and droplets generated from speech have been shown to transmit Covid-19.” By conducting an experiment “usingContinue reading “The Importance of Face Masks: Fact Sheet”

The Legislative History of Covid-19

By: Andrew Koh            The legislative and executive response over the devastating dilemma of the Covid-19 pandemic has been met with a lot of public criticism from Americans who are struggling to survive in all aspects of life. According to the New York Times (2020), “over 8.2 million cases and 220,000 deaths have been confirmed inContinue reading “The Legislative History of Covid-19”

The Action of Federally Mandating Masks to Prevent Covid-19

By: Andrew Koh            After declaring what public policy option the United States should go towards to further prevent the transmission of Covid-19, the decision to issue a federal mandate to wear protective face masks became clear after considering “Congress’ enumerated powers provided by the Constitution and how applicable the Spending Clause was to help issueContinue reading “The Action of Federally Mandating Masks to Prevent Covid-19”

The Policy Decisions Needed to Reduce the Rate of Covid-19 Transmission

By: Andrew Koh            Despite all of the scientific data and evidence given to support the CDC and WHO’s guidance and recommendations to wear protective face masks to prevent the further transmission of Covid-19, there is still a stark polarization and politicization of a public policy measure that should be championed by all citizens in itsContinue reading “The Policy Decisions Needed to Reduce the Rate of Covid-19 Transmission”

What Options Do We Have to Encourage the Use of Face Masks?

By: Andrew Koh            As the scientific evidence behind wearing protective face masks and mask mandates grows stronger, the sharp partisan divide between being for or against the CDC and WHO’s guidelines has primarily boiled down to one’s definitions of protecting the community during this Covid-19 pandemic versus the right to protect one’s personal freedoms againstContinue reading “What Options Do We Have to Encourage the Use of Face Masks?”

Protective Masks Stop the Spread of Covid-19? Prove It! – The Findings

By: Andrew Koh            The CDC and WHO guidance and recommendation on wearing protective masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has triggered a polarizing debate depending on where one fits in the political spectrum. While some agree and support the medical organizations’ guidelines of wearing PPE and masks to protect themselves and the people aroundContinue reading “Protective Masks Stop the Spread of Covid-19? Prove It! – The Findings”

Covid-19: A Historical Background – How Did We Get Here?

By: Andrew Koh            The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be an arduous global dilemma that has severely challenged our current understanding of domestic and international healthcare. The magnitude of the pandemic has altered and impacted every facet of our lives from politics, education, societal behaviors, economics, and public policy. The following etches a timeline summarizingContinue reading “Covid-19: A Historical Background – How Did We Get Here?”