European Migration Crisis-White Paper

As the culmination of this semester’s research efforts, this white paper post seeks to serve as an authoritative guide on the European migration crisis, while addressing some of the key issues and policymakers’ efforts so far to address the same. Understanding the politico-cultural responses to the crisis, among the various peoples of the European UnionContinue reading “European Migration Crisis-White Paper”

Citizen Activism & Covid-19: White Paper

By: Andrew Koh            The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be the most significant and universally destructive dilemma the world has faced in the early 21st century. Affecting all aspects of American life like politics, societal behaviors, education, economy, public policy, etc., the multidimensional challenges faced with this pandemic have been debilitating to our current understandingContinue reading “Citizen Activism & Covid-19: White Paper”