Water Pollution

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INTRODUCTION Growing up in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, it became a staple in many of the locals’ lives. From swimming at the local beaches and boating the waters to eating the delicious seafood it is known for, my love for the Bay developed from more than the fun memories. It was one of the mainContinue reading “White Paper”

Legislative History Post

Eutrophication impacts many different areas and watersheds throughout the United States.  One particular watershed that’s been greatly affected by eutrophication is The Chesapeake Bay.  The Environmental Protection Agency partnered with surrounding states, to put the Bay on a “pollution diet”. This plan was split into 3 phases, and the EPA checks in every 2 yearsContinue reading “Legislative History Post”

Action Memo

Based on the priorities written in the Decisions Memo, this Action Memo will provide specific policies to implement to reduce the effects of eutrophication.  Raise Awareness For anyone to care about eutrophication, they need to know what it is.  There are several ways to teach the public about the environmental effects of their behavior. Initially,Continue reading “Action Memo”

Decisions Memo

Plan In order to solve the issue of eutrophication in America, the policy plan must include several steps to tackle the issue from several fronts. As previously stated in the Options memo, some steps could include implementing research, monitoring programs, raising awareness, implementing and enforcing regulations and creating incentives.  All of these options have benefitsContinue reading “Decisions Memo”

Options Memo

What Can Be Done by Policymakers? As Eutrophication is such a tricky topic, creating policy to combat it can be hard. Here are a few things that can be done by policymakers to try and counter the effects of eutrophication. Implement Research and Monitoring Programs, Raise Awareness The initial move for policymakers is implementing researchContinue reading “Options Memo”

Findings Memo

What are the facts? Eutrophication is a very complicated topic that is very hard to solve.  It is a chain reaction that ends up affecting many different factors in our nation’s estuaries. Before even beginning to try and work out a solution, it is important to know the facts around it. What is causing Eutrophication?Continue reading “Findings Memo”

Background Memo

Context of Eutrophication Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in America, and our water systems are enduring severe damage as a result. When farming, fertilizers are used to keep the soil rich in nutrients to produce the large amount of food American’s need. However, fertilizer doesn’t stay in the soil, the nutrients runoff throughContinue reading “Background Memo”

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