Plastic Pollution

Katy Rivera

Hello, my name is Katy Rivera. I am a communication major and concentrating in Interpersonal & Organzational Communication. I love to cook, exercise and enjoy spending time with family. This semester, I will be researching plastic pollution, the effects and solutions.

White Paper

Plastic pollution Overview: This research has given a better understanding of what we are dealing with and how Plastic pollution has drastically increased. There are major effects on human and wildlife that will become detrimental if not taken seriously. There has been research done to look at the amounts of plastic being disposed improperly andContinue reading “White Paper”

Brief Post

Plastic pollution is an important topic that should be discussed and analyzed more then it currently is. The amount of plastic has increased scientifically that has only destroyed ecosystems. There are ecosystems that are being deterred due to improper disposal and Species are at risk with some being on the endangered list. Due to itsContinue reading “Brief Post”

Fact Sheet

Katy Rivera The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the most talked about issues in pollution for many years. The patch is collection of debris in the Pacific Ocean that has been growing over decades. Most of the debris and waste are plastic material/objects. It is considered an island of trash because it enlargesContinue reading “Fact Sheet”

Legislative Post

Katy Rivera There have been many actions taken against Plastic from big companies to countries. Starbucks has taken action over the past years by trying to limit the amount of straws they use and distribute. “Instead of getting sucked up through a straw, their cold drinks will be served in containers with special plastic lids”Continue reading “Legislative Post”


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