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Everything you Need to Know About Seeking Asylum in the United States

Emily Portalatin Munoz This country was built by immigrants (over the graves of the indigenous but that’s a topic for another day). We go into a little bit of history in my post The Process of seeking Asylum in the U.S but let us review anyway.         There were no laws restricting immigration until the lateContinue reading “Everything you Need to Know About Seeking Asylum in the United States”

White Paper Post

Throughout this semester, we have learned how to craft and structure policy in an effort to implement or present change to proper officials so that institutions of our government can be improved. As a citizen activist and senior at George Mason University, I have spent the last several months researching sanctuary jurisdictions in the UnitedContinue reading “White Paper Post”

White Paper

Overview American politics following the 2000 election exist in a state which can only fairly be judged through reflection, as changes had occurred both incredibly fast and with long-standing consequences whose impacts are only laid bare years after their implementation. This period has long been defined through both the culmination of increasing global immigration patternsContinue reading “White Paper”

The Best Course of Action

When floods of people come to your nation in search of a better life how do you facilitate the needs through our current system? How can we improve them? Background There were no law restricting immigration until the late 1800’s with the passing the Page Act of 1875 and the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882Continue reading “The Best Course of Action”

Sanctuary City Policy Brief

Sanctuary Jurisdictions, commonly referred to as “Sanctuary Cities,” in the United States are cities, counties, or states that implement at least one policy that limits local or state law enforcement resources towards federal organizations in solving immigration issues. In this policy brief, we will summarize the “Proposal for Asylum Seeking and Immigration Relocation Plan.” Introduction:Continue reading “Sanctuary City Policy Brief”


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