Trump Administration Immigration Policies

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America is a nation of immigrants, yet have policies of the Trump Administration actively deterred immigration?

White Paper

Overview American politics following the 2000 election exist in a state which can only fairly be judged through reflection, as changes had occurred both incredibly fast and with long-standing consequences whose impacts are only laid bare years after their implementation. This period has long been defined through both the culmination of increasing global immigration patternsContinue reading “White Paper”

Action Memo

The issues surrounding the American immigration system are complex, and there is no blanket solution which will be appeasing down both sides of the aisle. As we have seen over the past decade, conservatives are traditionally more opposed to immigration, whereas their liberal counterparts seek less constriction on immigration law. This author’s proposal for policyContinue reading “Action Memo”

Legislative History Post

A history of the Trump administration’s policies, from conception to action January 20th 2017, Trump is inaugurated into office after having run on a platform utilizing immigration-critical rhetoric. January 25th 2017, Trump signs executive orders to call for the construction of a border wall along the US/Mexico border, and simultaneously introduce fines for municipalities protecting non-citizens (sanctuary cities).  JanuaryContinue reading “Legislative History Post”

Fact Sheet Post

The rhetoric of the Trump administration has been starkly anti-immigration (Arce, 2019) and its policies have been successful in achieving its goals. Trump is famously quoted with saying that Mexico is sending rapists and drug dealers, and this rhetoric further economic divides across ethnic backgrounds by falsely (Immigrants and the Economy 2020) claiming that immigrants are stealing jobs (Arce, 2019).Continue reading “Fact Sheet Post”

Decisions Memo

Less Dramatic Changes, or, Why This Author’s Second Option Would Better Suit the American Workforce Adjusting the visa rules less drastically than the Trump Administration’s October 6th changes will achieve similar results without the potentially catastrophic impact on American Industry. Because current rules are built on faulty economic theory (Baron, 2020), adjusting the wage changes basedContinue reading “Decisions Memo”

Options Memo

The Trump administration’s actions towards immigrants, or non-American born peoples has been starkly conservative, and is regularly accused of being discriminatory. This author has looked at the most recently applied change in rules for the H-1B visas and will be outlining several options which would result in a similar benefit for the American workforce, withoutContinue reading “Options Memo”


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