The Best Course of Action

When floods of people come to your nation in search of a better life how do you facilitate the needs through our current system? How can we improve them? Background There were no law restricting immigration until the late 1800’s with the passing the Page Act of 1875 and the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882Continue reading “The Best Course of Action”

Who are the people that come to the United States for Asylum?

Written By: Emily Portalatin Munoz Lets take a look into who the people are that come to seek help. What are there reasons? And why come to the United States? It is no secret that the people that rick their  and families lives to get to the US/Mexico border are in desperate need of asylum.Continue reading “Who are the people that come to the United States for Asylum?”

This is How we Solve the Immigration Crisis

Written by: Emily Portalatin Munoz I have gone in some depths when talking about the refugee Protection act of 2019. I have written a blog with quick facts and mentioned in my Asylum: What are our options? post. This bill was made in response to the Trumps approach to the immigration system. Its not surpriseContinue reading “This is How we Solve the Immigration Crisis”

Action Plan for Sanctuary Cities

In this action memo, I will lay out a clear policy solution and implementation plan for the alternative to the current Sanctuary Jurisdiction system as discussed in the last two memos. I am hoping with this alternative, we will be able to develop a plan that appeases both liberals and conservatives. Here is the proposal:Continue reading “Action Plan for Sanctuary Cities”

Options for Sanctuary Cities

Sean Rush Before I lay out a list of alternatives for Sanctuary Cities, I would like to preface by stating that these options are not for or against, but merely unbiased descriptions of alternatives from both the right and left side of the United States’ party system. These are the options: The first option, orContinue reading “Options for Sanctuary Cities”

Sanctuary Cities and The Facts

Sean Rush San Francisco first declared itself a sanctuary jurisdiction in 1989 when it declared a local ordinance that banned the use of city resources to aid ICE “in enforcing federal immigration laws ‘unless such assistance is required by federal or state law’ (Rizzo, 2018).” In 2013, San Francisco issued a follow up ordinance stoppingContinue reading “Sanctuary Cities and The Facts”

Background of Sanctuary Cities in The United States

Sean Rush             What are Sanctuary Cities in The United States? Today, Sanctuary Cities are used as a misnomer for sanctuary jurisdiction. Sanctuary “Cities” in the United States are cities, counties, or states that implement at least one policy that limits local or state law enforcement resources towards federal organizations, like Immigration and Customs EnforcementContinue reading “Background of Sanctuary Cities in The United States”

Asylum: What are our Options?

Written by: Emily Portalatin Munoz When it comes to the many faults of our system in regards to the grand scheme of immigration as related to asylum what polices can be enacted to solve these problems.  Asylum is a complex issue that deals with the lives of people in their most dire time of need.Continue reading “Asylum: What are our Options?”

Five Facts About the Refugee Protection Act of 2019

Written By: Emily Portalatin Munoz The newest legislation on asylum seekers was introduced on November 2019.This article will break down the legislation and its components. Lets take a look at the five facts of the Refuge Protection Act of 2019.   #1 Senator Patrick Leahy sponsored this bill Patrick Leahy is a Democrat from Vermont whoContinue reading “Five Facts About the Refugee Protection Act of 2019”

Background Memo

2000-2008 The Bush Administration The Bush administration had effectively doubled its spending on border control between 2001 and 2007, from $4.6 to $10.4 billion dollars (President Bush’s Plan For Comprehensive Immigration Reform). During that same period, the administration had doubled the number of border patrol agents and mobilized over 6,000 members of the national guard toContinue reading “Background Memo”