Everything you Need to Know About Seeking Asylum in the United States

Emily Portalatin Munoz This country was built by immigrants (over the graves of the indigenous but that’s a topic for another day). We go into a little bit of history in my post The Process of seeking Asylum in the U.S but let us review anyway.         There were no laws restricting immigration until the lateContinue reading “Everything you Need to Know About Seeking Asylum in the United States”

The Best Course of Action

When floods of people come to your nation in search of a better life how do you facilitate the needs through our current system? How can we improve them? Background There were no law restricting immigration until the late 1800’s with the passing the Page Act of 1875 and the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882Continue reading “The Best Course of Action”

How to Pass Legislation to Help Asylees

Written by: Emily Portalatin Munoz In order for a bill on capitol hill to turn into law it must go through a rather rigorous process. But this process must be fulfilled in order for any improvements made in order for asylum seekers to have an easier process though the system with new protection put inContinue reading “How to Pass Legislation to Help Asylees”

Legislation Related to Sanctuary Cities

In this post, we will discuss several examples of legislation related to sanctuary cities, or jurisdictions:             Perhaps one of the earliest, well known city ordinances related to sanctuary cities came from the city of San Francisco. In 1989, San Francisco passed the “City and County Refuge Ordinance,” Otherwise known as the Sanctuary Ordinance. TheContinue reading “Legislation Related to Sanctuary Cities”

Five Facts About the Refugee Protection Act of 2019

Written By: Emily Portalatin Munoz The newest legislation on asylum seekers was introduced on November 2019.This article will break down the legislation and its components. Lets take a look at the five facts of the Refuge Protection Act of 2019.   #1 Senator Patrick Leahy sponsored this bill Patrick Leahy is a Democrat from Vermont whoContinue reading “Five Facts About the Refugee Protection Act of 2019”