White Paper Post

Throughout this semester, we have learned how to craft and structure policy in an effort to implement or present change to proper officials so that institutions of our government can be improved. As a citizen activist and senior at George Mason University, I have spent the last several months researching sanctuary jurisdictions in the UnitedContinue reading “White Paper Post”

Sanctuary City Policy Brief

Sanctuary Jurisdictions, commonly referred to as “Sanctuary Cities,” in the United States are cities, counties, or states that implement at least one policy that limits local or state law enforcement resources towards federal organizations in solving immigration issues. In this policy brief, we will summarize the “Proposal for Asylum Seeking and Immigration Relocation Plan.” Introduction:Continue reading “Sanctuary City Policy Brief”

Policy History of Sanctuary Cities

The first policy we will summarize is the policy on sanctuary cities coming from the Trump Administration. Trump has been an avid critic of sanctuary cities. In Joseph Tanfani’s article, posted in the Los Angeles Times, Trump’s policy towards sanctuary cities is described as a “crackdown.” To summarize the policy, local and state jurisdictions willContinue reading “Policy History of Sanctuary Cities”

Legislation Related to Sanctuary Cities

In this post, we will discuss several examples of legislation related to sanctuary cities, or jurisdictions:             Perhaps one of the earliest, well known city ordinances related to sanctuary cities came from the city of San Francisco. In 1989, San Francisco passed the “City and County Refuge Ordinance,” Otherwise known as the Sanctuary Ordinance. TheContinue reading “Legislation Related to Sanctuary Cities”

Action Plan for Sanctuary Cities

In this action memo, I will lay out a clear policy solution and implementation plan for the alternative to the current Sanctuary Jurisdiction system as discussed in the last two memos. I am hoping with this alternative, we will be able to develop a plan that appeases both liberals and conservatives. Here is the proposal:Continue reading “Action Plan for Sanctuary Cities”

The Decision for Sanctuary Cities

There are two options, or alternatives, for sanctuary cities that complement each other. There should be an easier pathway to citizenship, as stated on Joe Biden’s website, but there is an option for the Republicans and Democrats to meet in the middle and provide a temporary location for migrants and asylum seekers in the formContinue reading “The Decision for Sanctuary Cities”

Options for Sanctuary Cities

Sean Rush Before I lay out a list of alternatives for Sanctuary Cities, I would like to preface by stating that these options are not for or against, but merely unbiased descriptions of alternatives from both the right and left side of the United States’ party system. These are the options: The first option, orContinue reading “Options for Sanctuary Cities”

Sanctuary Cities and The Facts

Sean Rush San Francisco first declared itself a sanctuary jurisdiction in 1989 when it declared a local ordinance that banned the use of city resources to aid ICE “in enforcing federal immigration laws ‘unless such assistance is required by federal or state law’ (Rizzo, 2018).” In 2013, San Francisco issued a follow up ordinance stoppingContinue reading “Sanctuary Cities and The Facts”

Background of Sanctuary Cities in The United States

Sean Rush             What are Sanctuary Cities in The United States? Today, Sanctuary Cities are used as a misnomer for sanctuary jurisdiction. Sanctuary “Cities” in the United States are cities, counties, or states that implement at least one policy that limits local or state law enforcement resources towards federal organizations, like Immigration and Customs EnforcementContinue reading “Background of Sanctuary Cities in The United States”